Sell More Real-Estate With Drone Aerial Photography

Drones Provide A Unique Perspective

From about 100 ft above you can capture the entire property in such vivid clarity that more expensive types of aerial photography doesn’t allow because they cant fly that low. So not only are you saving tons of money over the traditional airplane and helicopter aerial photography you also get much cleaner images because the images are captured at a much closer distance. Drones allow real-estate agents to display properties in complete detail home property as well as attractive nearby areas such as parks, lakes churches and schools in a single photograph to potential buyers.













The Traditional Listing

An elevated view of the front of the home have always been important, but now drones take that a step further allowing you to capture images that display the complete layout of a property among the surrounding properties at a much closer distance than ever before and it does all this affordably.

Ground vs Aerial Photo

1. The front exterior photo is always the featured photo in the set of listing photos. Listing websites display this front exterior photo larger than the rest of the listing photos and sometimes only this featured photo and some descriptive text.

2. The featured front exterior photo must grab the attention of online property hunters scanning hundreds of listing thumbnails and entice viewers to click the thumbnail and look at the rest of the photos of the listing.

3. One of the most effective ways to grab attention with a single photo is to have unusual or attention-getting colors as present in twilight or sunset photos.

4. The featured front exterior photo should show as many features of that particular property as possible with a single image. One hundred feet or so of elevation that you can get with a drone really adds to the story of the property.