Salt Lake City Drone Services

salt lake city drone aerial imaging and video service

Aerial Photography

We are Salt Lake City's premier aerial photography provider. We create awe inspiring photos from unique perspectives and ensure that our customers are satisfied with the results.

Aerial Videography

We utilize Aerial Videography to showcase buildings and properties by capturing visual angles of buildings or landscapes that only a drone can, and composing our footage into stunning videos.

360 degree video production service for real estate agents

360 Degree Video

Whether you are renting or selling a property you can benefit from our 360 degree video or media service to present it. Displaying your property through photos and videos saves travel time for you and your client.

Real Estate Service

Regardless if it’s residential or commercial properties, developed or undeveloped, or shopping centers, warehouses, factories or any type of commercial building, aerial photography and video production is by far the most effective way to attract potential buyers and help close.

Wedding Video & Photos

From the smile on the bride and groom's faces, exchanging of rings, that first kiss or that walk down the aisle each moment needs to be remembered vividly, and what better way to do so with professional wedding photography and videography service.

Web design and marketing

Web Design & Marketing

Our web design and online marketing team works tirelessly to ensure that every web design project is customized to fit the individual needs of the business. Our strategic approach allows us to focus on satisfying the marketing desires of all our clients.

We are FAA licensed, and we follow all FAA Commercial Pilot rules and regulations.

Our On-Line Marketing Services...

…takes your marketing campaigns to the highest level, from breath taking pictures and videos to web design and digital content. We specialize in flyovers that display the layout of actual landscapes and provide in-depth, bird’s-eye perspectives of properties that will add a stunning, visual experience to all those who navigate your website.  


Drone Services For General Contractors

Construction contractors and their clients benefit greatly from our fly over view of projects as they are under development. From basic before and after aerial photographs of a roof replacement to monthly online video up-dates on ongoing construction projects, we can easily provide excellent, high definition aerial footage for contractors to document progress and present to shareholders.

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Whatever your needs, Salt Lake City Drone Service can provide the solution.

Drone Services For Real Estate Agencies

Our real estate customers have benefited from our aerial videography services because they enable them to sell off or rent properties incredibly fast. Best of all, when properties are displayed in this manner they are more likely to sell at full asking price. So, what are you waiting for? Contact us today so that we can help YOU and YOUR COMPANY make an impression in the real estate market.

Service For Hotels, Resorts, Golf Courses…

Hotels and resorts appreciate our low elevation filming abilities because it allows them to show their customers a unique viewpoint of the location and highlight its biggest attractions. We can also provide high quality services for golf courses. If you’re looking for a more appealing way to display what your hotel, resort or golf course has to offer, give us a call. We are here to help.

360 Aerial Surveillance And Inspections

We also provide 360 degree inspection services for power plants, cell towers and more. Rather than sending valuable crew members out to inspect malfunctions or damage, our aerial inspections allow for a safe, up close view that is very cost-effective when compared with traditional manpower or helicopter inspections. Our equipment is portable and versatile, and as a result is very affordable.