Custom Aerial Photography

Salt Lake City Aerial Photography Service

Numerous aerial photographers today attempt to integrate fine art and science to generate a powerful photo, yet few are more skilled than the certified pilots at Salt Lake City Drone Media.

We take great pride in providing our clients with the highest quality aerial photography, and all at an affordable rate. With the extraordinary advance of modern technology coupled with our creative and skilled team, we ensure that our customers have good experiences working with Salt Lake City Drone Media. After all, drone photography to us is a lot more than taking a picture and hoping it will turn out- we go to great lengths to ensure that every project we produce is of the highest quality. 

Drone Aerial photography...

…can display the subject material in ways that traditional methods (i.e. plane or helicopter) could never generate. Drone photography is the best way to capture high quality aerial photos because of the ability that they have to fly at low altitudes and take pictures from close ranges. All of our footage is edited with the use of specialized software that was developed specifically to create any images that our clients want. We work closely with our customers to produce a finished product that will exceed their expectations. 

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Drone Aerial photography…

  • realtors
  • interior designers
  • publishers
  • architectural firms
  • developers
  • construction contractors
  • marketing professionals 
  • appraisers
  • and more…

Superior Aerial Images

Using a drone for capturing high resolution aerial photographs at low angles produces superior results. Drone aerial photography is typically between 20 – 200 feet, with a maximum altitude of 400 feet (required under FAA regulations). Our licensed and experienced drone pilots will communicate with you before hand so as to capture the perfect aerial photos for your project. After all, our #1 priority is to ensure that our customers get what they are looking for!